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Sfrcord™ Women's Posture-Correcting and Body-Shaping & Detoxifying Bust Support

Sfrcord™ Women's Posture-Correcting and Body-Shaping & Detoxifying Bust Support

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Are you suffering from low self-esteem due to lordosis, scoliosis, cervical lordosis, hunchback and other posture problems? Choosing Sfrcord™ Women's Posture-Correcting and Body-Shaping & Detoxifying Bust Support is the best solution to solve posture problems. Crafted from volcanic stone material infused with rich trace elements and energy, it provides you with lasting vitality. Use tiny sound wave vibrations and thermal effects to deeply activate muscles, promote blood circulation, and help tissue repair. Not only does this product help with deep body sculpting, it also speeds up your metabolism and restores confidence in your posture.


See what our happy and satisfied customers have to say:

Sophia Keller,36 Alhambr


"I used to suffer from a severe hunchback, which not only affected my body shape, but also made me always look lethargic. I thought the problem was my clothing choice, but the constant swelling and pain in my neck led me to realize it might be a spinal issue. The doctor suggested that I change my living habits, but I couldn't always pay attention to my posture. So I tried going to the chiropractor and using painkillers, muscle relaxants, stretches, exercises, hot/cold treatments, inversion tables, pillows, etc. to change my posture. Some things gave me temporary relief, but ultimately, they didn't help much.
I searched for various methods on the Internet and saw someone mentioning that wearing the Sfrcord™ Women's Posture-Correcting and Body-Shaping & Detoxifying Bust Support relieved neck pain from the first day. After 4 weeks of use, the hunchback disappeared and the posture improved. I was skeptical, purchased this product and used it. The result was surprisingly good! After 4 weeks, the neck pain and swelling were significantly reduced and my hunchback was gone! Nowadays, my posture has improved and I no longer look lethargic all the time. This product has truly changed my life. It has now become an essential part of my daily life. If you have had a similar experience, I highly recommend giving this product a try! It’s a truly effective solution to your posture!"

Brantley Hernandez, 34, Los Angeles

"After giving birth to four children, I experienced immense stress, which I often tried to alleviate through overeating. Due to the habits of staying up late and indulging excessively, my hormonal balance was severely disrupted. My weight increased, and my breasts became painfully swollen. I frequently felt fatigued and endured unexplained chest pains. To make matters worse, my menstrual cycle became extremely irregular, occurring only once every two to three months. I began to realize that there was something wrong with my body, and I yearned to shed weight and improve my posture.
A friend introduced me to the Sfrcord™ Women's Posture-Correcting and Body-Shaping & Detoxifying Bust Support, and I decided to give it a try. In just five short weeks, this product helped me shed approximately 59 pounds, significantly reduced my breast pain, and eliminated the accumulation of abdominal fat. What's even more miraculous is its ability to assist in detoxifying the body and restoring my hormonal balance.
I'm now a devoted fan of this product. Thanks to this miraculous product, I feel more confident and energetic. I'm no longer burdened by anxiety, as my weight issues have been effectively resolved, and my posture has improved. My overall health has steadily improved, allowing me to better care for my children and family. Sfrcord™ Women's Posture-Correcting and Body-Shaping & Detoxifying Bust Support has truly been my savior, and I sincerely thank it for the transformation it has brought into my life!" 

Mia Anderson, 32, Chicago

"As a working professional, my previous lifestyle mainly involved long hours of sitting, coupled with irregular sleep patterns, which had serious consequences on my health. The persistent swelling and pain in my neck were incredibly discomforting. I had to consult a doctor, who attributed it to prolonged computer use leading to spinal issues. He recommended the Sfrcord™ Women's Posture-Correcting and Body-Shaping & Detoxifying Bust Support.
After wearing them for six weeks, I began to notice remarkable changes. Firstly, the swelling in my neck subsided, alleviating the discomfort. More importantly, the neck pain ceased, bringing me immense relief. All of this was achieved without the need for medication or costly surgeries, which is incredibly satisfying. This product not only improved my health but also saved me a significant amount of money. I am deeply grateful and now lead a healthier and happier life."

What causes spinal curvature?


Spinal curvature comes in two primary types: congenital and acquired. Congenital causes are linked to genetic factors, gene mutations, and embryonic development issues, often present from birth. Individuals with a family history of spinal problems can pass on a heightened risk to their offspring. Additionally, anomalies during embryonic development can result in abnormal spinal formation. Genetic mutations can also disrupt the normal development of the spine. On the other hand, acquired causes develop during the growth process and can be attributed to factors such as poor posture, lifestyle habits, and neuromuscular issues. Poor posture and lifestyle habits are major contributors to acquired causes. Prolonged periods of maintaining poor postures, like slouching or looking down, gradually impact the spinal structure. Furthermore, muscle imbalances, neuromuscular disorders, and traumatic injuries can also lead to spinal curvature.

How does the Sfrcord™ Bust Support work?

It can stimulate more than 800 reflex points in the chest. The Sfrcord™ Women's Posture Correcting Detoxifying Bust Support can generate power without the need for any other power source (like electricity). This bust support is based on ultrasound therapy, wormwood therapy, volcanic rock therapy, providing users with multi-dimensional massage and stimulation. It helps to stimulate blood circulation in the body, relieve and inflammation, reduce the accumulation of fluid and orange peel tissue in the body.

The Sfrcord ™ Bust Support perfectly integrates technology and nature, making full use of the vitality of volcanic mineral elements. Volcanic rock can enhance cell permeability and help lymphatic absorption and detoxification. Ultrasound therapy vibrates to infuse mineral elements from volcanic stones and wormwood into the body to help stimulate deep muscles, improve circulation and tissue repair. Not only does the product correct posture, it also corrects and detoxifies by promoting relaxation, reducing inflammation and enhancing lymphatic fluid absorption through gentle vibration and thermal effects.

Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound therapy is widely used in the medical field of tissue repair and pain relief. Now, we've added that technology to the Sfrcord™ Bust Support. This method uses gentle vibrations to stimulate the breast tissue, improving blood circulation and helping cells repair and rejuvenate. These vibrations work in synergy with the energy of the volcanic stones to create a restful environment for the back muscles and tissues, improving overall comfort. In addition, ultrasound can enhance skin permeability, which contributes to the effective absorption of drugs and therapeutic substances. These tiny vibrations stimulate deep muscles and accelerate the penetration of volcanic stone energy and wormwood, helping to relieve muscle fatigue while helping chest skin tighten and recover.


Research has shown that the Sfrcord™ Women's Posture-Correcting and Body-Shaping & Detoxifying Bust Support is the best choice for improving body posture. The Sfrcord™ Bust Support incorporates ultrasound therapy and requires no external power source. The sonic effect of ultrasound can cause tiny vibrations in the cell membrane, thereby increasing the permeability of the cell membrane. These effects contribute to muscle relaxation, tension release, pain reduction and tissue repair, thereby correcting body posture.

Relieve fatigue and correct posture

The Sfrcord™ Women's Posture-Correcting and Body-Shaping & Detoxifying Bust Support utilizes innovative technology with embedded graphene fibers. These fibers promote cell regeneration and improve nerve function, aiding in enhancing back health and posture. Additionally, the bust support incorporates millions of magnetic nanoparticles that generate a static magnetic field, further enhancing blood circulation and muscle relaxation. The use of wormwood also enhances the effectiveness of this static magnetic field. By combining these two technologies, the Sfrcord™ Bust Support provides comprehensive back health and posture improvement effects.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the United States, ultrasonic therapy is an advanced treatment for breast enhancement and firming sagging breasts. Through the action of ultrasonic waves, high-frequency vibrations are generated, which can stimulate blood circulation and metabolism. This, in turn, promotes the production of collagen in breast tissues, enhancing breast fullness and improving breast support.

The trace elements in volcanic rock can enhance the permeability of cell membranes, facilitating the absorption of tissue fluids by lymphatic vessels. As a result, it can prevent the obstruction of lymphatic channels.

Fat Burning and Detoxification for Rapid Body Shaping

This Bust Support increases metabolism and stimulates the lymphatic system to effectively detoxify and eliminate cellulite and edema. Even if you don't exercise regularly and don't eat a balanced diet, the Sfrcord™ Women's Posture-Correcting and Body-Shaping & Detoxifying Bust Support can help you achieve your weight loss goals. 80% Ultrasound Therapy can help you achieve your ideal weight. This breast brace helps increase metabolism, corrects hunched posture, detoxifies the body, and eliminates accumulated cellulite and edema. Let you burn fat while sleeping, working, and exercising, and shape a perfect body curve overnight! 

It is a non-surgical method of detoxifying the body and reducing localized fat. Ultrasonic vibration acts on the skin and tissue, exerts pressure on fat cells, and stimulates the metabolism and decomposition of fat cells by generating heat energy and tiny air bubbles.

What makes the Sfrcord™ Women's Posture-Correcting and Body-Shaping & Detoxifying Bust Support the best choice for you?

  • Officially recognized treatment method
  • Efficient fat burning and elimination of body waste
  • Increase collagen production, improving skin laxity
  • Improve blood circulation, eliminate lymphatic issues
  • Reduce fatigue and chronic inflammation
  • Correct hunched posture and promote an upright stance
  • Prevent cancer cells and enhance the immune system
  • Aids in weight loss

Here are the results of Lilianna Craft using Sfrcord™ Women's Posture-Correcting and Body-Shaping & Detoxifying Bust Support!

My life changed a lot after having my baby. My size and weight have changed dramatically. My husband started making fun of my figure. I started to feel anxious about my body.

In the midst of my despair, when hope seemed to be fading away, a recommendation from my doctor introduced me to a ray of light – the Sfrcord™ Women's Posture-Correcting Sculpting and Detoxifying Bust Support. The impossible happened within the blink of an eye. Just a week into using it, I shed around 12 pounds. The excitement and hope that surged within me were invigorating; I was determined to persevere, dreaming of donning a bikini again.

Week 1

Every day, I remained steadfast in my commitment to using this product, and after three weeks, the results were even more remarkable. My body underwent a tremendous transformation, and I could finally fit into my old jeans. I mustered the courage to face the world and embrace life. The once daunting world became more welcoming, and the curious glances of others no longer weighed me down.

Week 3


As two month passed with consistent use of the product, I witnessed my body returning to its pre-pregnancy form. I was finally able to slip into that bikini again. An unprecedented sense of confidence and ease flooded over me, and the fear of judgment from others began to dissipate. This product changed the course of my life, not only rekindling my confidence but also restoring my sense of beauty.

Week 8


      • Material: Volcanic rock fiber、Graphene fibers
      • Size: High elasticity, suitable for (80-400 pounds)


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