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Cvreoz™ Herbal Detox Slimming Foot Therapy Pack

Cvreoz™ Herbal Detox Slimming Foot Therapy Pack

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Before showing off our products. let's take a look at customer feedback.

“Obesity makes me suffer from hyperlipidemia. In order to lose weight, I have tried many weight-loss products and even medication, but the effect is not obvious, and it has caused damage to my body. When I lost confidence, I accidentally found this herbal detoxifying weight loss foot therapy pack, it is full of herbal natural ingredients, no harm to the human body, I tried to use for 3 weeks, the weight actually lost 34 pounds. It gave me hope, I kept using it for a few more months, and now my body has changed so much that I can hardly believe it! If you are also struggling with obesity, do not miss this product. ”

Jennifer Amberson --- Washington

My job requires me to sit in the office for long hours every day, which has led to a continuous weight gain over the past few years, especially accumulating stubborn fat around my abdomen. I've tried various weight loss methods, but none of them were truly effective. It wasn't until I stumbled upon this herbal detox weight loss foot soak on social media that I decided to give it a try. Just after a month of using this product, I managed to shed an astonishing 41 pounds. It really works!

Emily Roberts --- Chicago

Importance of detoxification for the Body

Toxins enter the human body through food, water, air, or contact with the skin. Failure to detoxify normally will lead to a decrease in body metabolism, affect fat metabolism and consumption, lead to weight gain, and affect the operation of other organs. The normal detoxification of the human body is very important.

Obesity and Detoxification are interrelated

Excessive accumulation of toxins in the body interferes with the body's metabolic process, making it difficult for the body to consume fat and calories, leading to obesity. By eliminating toxins in the body, it can restore the body's metabolic function, accelerate energy and fat consumption, and reduce weight.

What are the effects of obesity on the body

Cardiovascular system: Obesity will increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, such as high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, etc., but also lead to increased heart burden, affecting heart function.
Respiratory system: Affects the normal function of the respiratory system, resulting in breathing difficulties, sleep apnea and other problems.

Digestive system: Fat increases the risk of fatty liver, gallbladder disease, gastrointestinal disease and other digestive diseases.
Endocrine system: leads to endocrine disorders, resulting in increased insulin resistance, which increases the risk of diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome and other endocrine system diseases.

Why Can Herbal detox lose weight?

Often referred to as the "second heart" of the body, our feet have an intricate network of acupoints that have a major impact on our health. These cleansers contain 20 natural herbal essences that work harmoniously with warm water in a foot bath, releasing soothing and nourishing aromas while exerting powerful effects. Through the foot skin, herbal essence ingredients target key points, stimulate blood circulation and aid in detoxification.

Herbal detox and weight loss pill packs have a range of remarkable benefits. The herbal active ingredients contained in the packs have impressive fat reducing and anti-inflammatory properties. Through foot detoxification, we can significantly reduce excess body fat and reduce the risk of swelling.

In addition, this cleansing process helps to improve blood circulation, promote cell regeneration and repair, address muscle varices and fungal infections, promote body and foot health, and prevent the recurrence of these undesirable conditions. According to 231 clinical trials worldwide conducted by us and the USC Diabetes and Obesity Institute, patients using this therapy can reduce swelling size by 75%.

92% of them were able to lose an average of 40 pounds in a month. The stimulation of the feet through herbs improves blood flow and promotes the delivery of nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, thus contributing to metabolism and overall energy expenditure.

The main ingredients of our products

  • ginger
  • Saffron
  • Green Tea
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Calendula


Ginger reduces inflammation, improves digestion, and reduces appetite. According to studies, ginger might help them lose weight because of these qualities. According to the medical literature, ginger can help you obtain a healthy weight.

Saffron contains antioxidants that may help the body fend off illnesses in the neurological system. This could also reduce total fat mass and waist circumference by detoxifying the body and making blood circulation smoother. 

Green Tea rich in antioxidants like catechins, green tea helps boost metabolism, accelerate fat burning, and reduce fat absorption. It also aids in appetite suppression, making you feel fuller.

Apple Cider Vinegar lowers blood sugar and insulin levels, helping control appetite and blood sugar fluctuations. It also promotes stomach acid secretion, improving digestion efficiency.

Calendula can raise body temperature, speeding up metabolism and increasing calorie burn. It also suppresses appetite, reducing overall food intake.

In addition, our product also includes a variety of effective ingredients such as Garcinia Cambogia, peppermint, bitter melon, Danshen, ginseng, basil, garlic, fennel, tomato, prickly pear, senna, Rhodiola, chrysanthemum, black seed, purslane, and goji berry.

The unique features of Cvreoz Herbal Detox Weight Loss Foot Therapy pack:

  • Expel toxins from the body, promote body metabolism, reduce obesity
  • Promote blood flow, effectively eliminate leg varicose veins
  • Absorb 20 herbal essences to repair aging skin
  • Relieve leg pain and swelling
  • Anti-inflammatory properties to relieve redness and inflammation
  • Relieve environmental fatigue and help sleep

Let's talk about Gemma's progress in weight loss and a healthy lifestyle

"I work in a high-pressure advertising agency, where my job had once taken over my life, causing me to neglect my own health and appearance. Fortunately, I stumbled upon this miraculous product - the Herbal Detox Weight Loss Foot Patch - purely by chance on social media, and I decided to give it a try with a mindset of experimentation."

"In just two weeks of usage, I began to feel the changes in my body. My weight started to drop, my waistline visibly slimmed down, and I felt an overall lightness that I had never imagined. What's most invigorating is that my self-confidence made a grand return, and I found myself enthusiastically wearing clothes I once thought were out of reach."

"After using it for a little over a month, I successfully shed a remarkable 47 pounds, leaving my friends in disbelief at my transformation. I'm incredibly grateful for this product because it not only restored my self-assurance but also motivated me to prioritize my health. I wholeheartedly recommend all the women desiring change to give this miraculous product a try."

How to use:

  1. Fill feet bath with warm water
  2. Put the foot medicine pack in water for 3-5 minutes to fully dissolve the medicine
  3. Soak your feet for 30-40 minutes to fully absorb the medicine


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For every purchase of our product, we donate a portion of our profits to support the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. This organization is dedicated to finding cures for childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases and providing world-class care to children who are battling these illnesses. By choosing our products, you are helping to provide hope and healing to children and families who are facing unimaginable challenges. Join us in supporting St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and helping to make a real difference in the lives of these children.

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